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What People Are Saying After Seeing the Documentary

"I was in tears.....literally just about quit my job in healthcare. This pandemic has made me question so much. I have NO TRUST IN OUR GOVERNMENT!!!I HAVE LOST TRUST IN SO MUCH."
"Started nursing in 72. It's changed dramatically and not for the better. All about the dollar now. So glad I have retired."
"Hospitals got paid $$$$$$ for every Death they determined COVID Death, that's why Families have Law Suits, 1died from an auto. accident, but was declared COVID, 1 died from advanced Liver Cancer, declared COVID, the Families want the Truth!!!!!!?"
"A lawsuit is in the making , that crap (Remdesivir) almost killed my dad who went to the hospital for heart failure, they checked him for covid and came back positive, no cough or respiratory issues . The drug shut his kidneys down which shut his lungs down. That drug has killed more people than covid."
"Thank you for speaking this abhorrent truth. I see it like they're waving a flag of glory. Pray for all who feel the need to go to any government kill facilities as they do not know it very well could be their last. They are refusing treatments, misdiagnosing on purpose and collecting monies for murder."
"That’s why I’m dying at home and natural. Don’t trust no hospital’s."
"So people are finally catching up to the covid, ventilator & death scam. It's about time."
"Great documentary - Wishing it wasn't something people were going through. It's disgusting how healthcare has become so criminal. Sadly I fear ever having to go in for anything. My trust is now zilch when it comes to any MD anymore and it shouldn't be that way."
"Thank you for bringing this catastrophe of medical care out into the open. I have horror stories of hospitals and "health care" that date back to 1970. When I would tell the stories of things that happened or things that doctors said, no one believed me. It seems that it took something like a pandemic to expose the incompetence and greed of medicine."
"As an RN that was fired from my nursing instructor position 11/4/21 for refusing the jab...I stand with you and all those that have suffered at the hands of the complicit healthcare system! These crimes against humanity must stop!!!"
"Powerful documentary I will be sharing far and wide."
"It's all about $$$$ just heartbreaking."
"A grieving widow independently produced ‘Making A Killing’ to document how hospitals systematically killed people for government money during COVID. It’s absolutely SHOCKING." @ShannonJoyRadio on Twitter
"I think it's sad. My mom was a victim of Remdesivir protocol. I feel betrayed and angry."
"Wonderful job Dayna, Patty, Greta and everyone else who was involved in the making of this. Thank you for being a voice for us all. So proud of you all️."
"Thank you for sharing your story Patty and Dayna it touched my heart! Very well done. I'm a Canadian and love my American neighbors. Sending hugs, love and prayers to you all."
"Thank you for making this and every single person Involved in this film. My prayers is that this will continue to evolve and people are held accountable for crimes against humanity and also others will come out and share their story and their loved ones story. I miss my mother so soo much. The Lord will help us fight this battle."
"This story sounds just like what my husband went through in November of 2021. He passed on 11/17/2021. PROTOCOLS!!!!! So maddening. 5 other members of my family all had Covid at the same time. They refused to go to the hospital. They managed to get ivermectin at home and they all survived."

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